All About Pickleball Court Dimensions: A Basic Guide


Let’s dive into regulation pickleball court dimensions, pickleball net dimensions and height, and of course all the aspects of the court.
All About Pickleball Court Dimensions: A Basic Guide

“Is this a regulation pickleball court!?”

That’s my go-to line whenever I hit a bonehead shot long and out of bounds. It’s a tool for me to cope with hitting a horrible shot, but now you will have to tools to answer if, in fact, the pickleball court dimensions are regulation size.

Whether you’re planning on painting pickleball lines on a tennis court, need a ruling, or just want to learn anything and everything about pickleball. We’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into regulation pickleball court dimensions, pickleball net dimensions and height, and of course all the aspects of the court.

What Are The Dimensions of A Pickleball Court?

A regulation USAPA indoor and outdoor pickleball court measures 44 feet long (sideline) and 20 feet wide (baseline). The kitchen (non-volley zone) line is 7 feet from the net on both sides. The service court dimensions are 15 long and 10 feet wide.

dimensions of a pickleball court animated diagram

The key thing to mention is regulation. This diagram shows the official pickleball court dimensions.

With that said, if you’re low on space, or just want to throw together chalk or a temporary pickleball court to mess around on, then obviously go for it! It does not have to be your standard pickleball court.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Pickleball Court Dimensions

Indoor and outdoor court dimensions are the same. The only thing that you have to take into account with indoor pickleball court dimensions is the height of the ceiling.

I recommend going at least 25 feet high for the ceiling, or awning to block out the sun on an outdoor pickleball court.

Pickleball Court Terms

  • Sidelines: Sidelines run up the side of the court.
  • Baseline: The baseline is the line that acts as the boundary for the front and back of the court. It is parallel to the net.
  • non-volley zone line: (kitchen line) parallel to the net. There are 7 feet of space from the non-volley zone line to the net.
  • Serving area: The serving areas are the four main squares that you spend the most time playing in. They are behind the non-volley zone line and in front of the baseline.
  • Centerline: pretty self-explanatory. It runs down the center of the court and divides the service area into two squares per side.

Pickleball Net Dimensions

A regulation standard pickleball net is 22 feet wide (post-to-post), 36 inches tall (On the sides), and 34 inches in center height.

Whether you’re using a portable pickleball net or a permanent net, the dimensions should meet regulation requirements.

NOTE: the net must measure 34 inches at the center of the net. This adds a risk/reward aspect for dink shots and drives.

It rewards players trying to paint the corners and provides an easy, less risky approach through the center.

Resource: Best Portable Pickleball Nets

How Wide Are The Lines On a Standard Pickleball court

The dimensions of the lines on a standard pickleball court are 2″ wide.

This is an important dimension to note since lines on a pickleball court are considered in-play according to the pickleball rules.

Are Pickleball Courts the Same Size In Doubles As Singles Pickleball

Yes, the pickleball court dimensions for singles and doubles play are the same.

This is why singles pickleball is a lot more physically demanding. You have so much more ground and court surface to cover.

With doubles, you only have to cover your zone.

If you’re messing around, you can always try skinny singles to hone in your placement.

Can Pickleball be Played On a Tennis Court?

No, pickleball cannot be played on a tennis court since the layout and measurement of the court lines and net are different. However, if you’re just messing around or warming up on a tennis court before heading over to a regulation pickleball court, than by all means, go for it.

A tennis court can be great for recreational play and messing around with friends, but if you want to keep score and practice shots that you’ll see in a real game on a regulation court, I would not recommend it.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on playing pickleball seriously or just want to get as good as you can. I highly recommend that you play to the standard pickleball court dimensions. 

This will help you with consistency and placement. If you’re practicing your soft dink shots on a non-volley line that doesn’t meet the regulation size, a regulation pickleball court may throw you off. 

Pickleball has as too many variables as it is. Don’t let the pickleball court dimensions also be a variable. 

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