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Is pickleball more of a sport, or more of a hobby?

Honestly, I’d call it an addiction. What makes this game so addicting?

There are so many answers. Meeting new people from different ages and backgrounds, exercising, the satisfaction of a perfectly placed shot, seeing your improvement?

All these aspects are the reason that we created All Drive No Drop. We want to share our addiction to pickleball with like-minded people.

We wanted to take it to the next level and improve our understanding as well as sharing it on the internet for new or advanced players to read.

Come along for the ride!

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Our goal with The Pickle Sports was to build more than a website with reviews and strategy, we wanted to build community.

Meet The Team

We are the founding fathers and mothers of All Drive No Drop. Our team is built on having fun and educating others who love this game. We range from beginner to advanced players in Pickleball so that you as the reader can get a full range of advice, opinions, and reviews.

Daniel Hawk (Chief Editor - Pro Pickleball)

Daniel Hawk is a Northern California transplant from the Washington D.C. area. He grew up playing as much basketball as he possibly could while mixing in tennis, ping pong, and whatever other sports he could find that would get his heart rate going, test his reflexes, and fuel his competitive drive. He picked up pickleball in 2021 and has never looked back. Daniel is a 4.5 player who is constantly studying the game and working to improve. Daniel has been writing his whole life. His father is a professional editor who helped imprint the beauty and necessity of clear writing in Daniel at an early age. He studied English at the University of Colorado on Boulder and has written countless works of fiction and nonfiction since.
We are thrilled to have Daniel join us on the team!

Jacob Hoisington (Cheif Editor - Equipment Reviews)

Jacob discovered pickleball when he one day was biking past local courts and started a conversation with some players. He asked what they were playing and got invited to a beginner’s night where he got hooked on the game. As a long-time doubles’ tennis player, pickleball was a natural fit for Jacob. His first love of the game was trying different paddles as there were so many and ever since he has become obsessed with trying every paddle, he can get his hands on. Jacob appreciates that pickleball is accessible to anyone while still offering competition.

Trevor Hernstadt (Head of Publishing)

Trevor’s been building sites and specializing in SEO and marketing for the last 3 years. He’s responsible for making all out articles look pretty!

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