Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy Pickleball Paddle Review 


Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy Pickleball Paddle Review 

Pickleball Apes became another new company in the pickleball paddle scene within the last few months, but unlike a lot of new start-up companies, they brought something unique. 

Pickleball Apes brings us a Kevlar and Carbon Fiber blended paddle face. 

Does it bring the best of both worlds? It offers a different feel, and I am confident in that. 

The Kevlar helps pocket the ball slightly more as it is more flexible than carbon fiber which gives it a bit more control than a pure carbon fiber paddle. 

They currently offer three different paddles. I am going to focus on the Pro Line Energy in this review, but I did try the Pro Line Energy S as well which is their hybrid shape. I’ll talk more about that in my final thoughts, so let’s get into the review.

Pickleball Apes Pro Line Specs

 Pickleball Apes Pro Line Specs

Spin 9.5

Control/Feel 9.0

Power 9.0

Pop 9.0

Durability 9.5

  • Paddle Weight: 8.0oz-8.2oz
  • Paddle Length:17”
  • Paddle Width:7”
  • Grip Length:6.25””
  • Grip Circumference:4.25”
  • Surface:Dynamic Kevlar Surface
  • Core:16.5mm Polypropolene


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My Personal Thoughts

The Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy is priced at $150 ($135 with code ADND10), making it priced below a lot of the best thermoformed pickleball paddle competitors, where the average seems to be around $180. 

You are not sacrificing anything by paying less for this paddle. The build quality of the Pro Line Energy is excellent.  I have not noticed any issues with it after heavy use. 

The unique shape of the paddle with the extra handle length offers something the rest of the market does not.  I love to drive, and this has been my favorite paddle for drives and two-handed backhands. 

The rolls I have hit with this paddle have been great as well. The biggest drawback of the paddle is the longer, narrower sweet spot, which will be bad for people who tend to hit more balls toward the sides of their paddles.

If that isn’t an issue for you then you must give this a try because the spin, control and reach you get is my favorite combination right now.  

Pickleball Apes Pro Line Paddle Review


The Pro Line Energy S has elite tier spin. The combination of the Kevlar and Carbon Fiber face with the extra elongated shape and longer handle all combines for amazing spin. 

I noticed immediately on my serves that I had to aim higher because my balls were dipping so fast from the topspin.  If you are a former tennis player this paddle will feel natural in your hands and let you crank your serves and drives with all the spin you need. 


One thing to note about the Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy is it is 16.5mm, so an extra 0.5mm than the standard 16mm. I think it makes a difference here, combined with the Kevlar/Carbon Fiber face. 

Blocking drives with this paddle is a breeze. Especially if you add lead tape to the bottom corners/sides, you will have no trouble blocking the best bangers. 

The big question I had with this paddle was how resets would work with a longer, narrower paddle.  It took a little bit to get adjusted as expected, but once I was dialed resets felt easy. 

I was able to absorb fast-paced balls and drop them into the kitchen with great success. I had no problem placing my drops, drives, serves, and volleys. 

I did find it the adjustment to dinking with the longer handle on forehand dinks harder than usual.  It is a bigger adjustment with the soft game on the forehand side.  I could see this paddle not being the best if you are a pure right-handed right-side player.


The pop on this paddle is average. The power is going to be different from person to person due to the shape and handle length of this paddle. It amplifies the power you are putting out due to the whip you get with the paddle on drives and overheads. 

If you are naturally hitting hard then you will love the power this paddle give you access too. If you find yourself lacking power, then this paddle will just give you access to average power. 

It is one of the more unique setups so it is something you will have to try to see if you can unlock the full power of the Pro Line Energy. 


From the reports I have heard, the Kevlar/Carbon Fiber grit seems to last a little bit longer, but not much longer than straight carbon fiber paddle faces. The overall durability of the paddle is excellent. 

It feels rock solid all around, and I don’t have any worries about the paddle’s construction. The owner is super friendly, and I have heard good talk about the customer service.

Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy Vs. Cliff Pickleball Vauraus

Pickleball Apes Pro Line
  • Weight: 8.0oz-8.2oz
  • Length: 17"
  • Paddle Width: 7"
  • Tickness: 16.5mm
  • Face: Dynamic Kevlar Surface
  • Core: Propylene Honeycomb
Cliff Pickleball Vauraus
  • Weight: 7.8oz
  • Length: 16.5”
  • Paddle Width: 7.44”
  • Tickness: 16mm
  • Face: T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Core: Ultra-Light Honeycomb Composite

I think the Cliff Pickleball Vauarus is a good comparison for the Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy. Both have 6”+ handles which makes them some of the few that offer that option. 

The Vauraus has a wider sweet spot and the Pro Line Energy has a longer sweet spot. The Vauraus does offer a stock 4.5” grip circumference that I love but you can always add grips to get there with the Pro Line energy. Both have around the same pop and power that rely on the user to supply the power. 

Both offer elite tier spin.  The Pro Line Energy offers better control than the Vauraus. Both are great paddles and vary slightly for different players. 

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Final Thoughts: Who Is This Paddle For?

This paddle if for a few types of players. First, is the player just transitioning from tennis that wants something that they could feel comfortable with hitting groundstrokes from the baseline forehand and backhand (two and one handed are possible). 

The second, is the player that is hyper aggressive at the NVZ who is looking to poach and needs all the reach they can get.  I feel like the extra half an inch makes a huge difference getting to more balls both overheads and poaches. 

Written by:

Jacob Hoisington

Jacob discovered pickleball when he one day was biking past local courts and started a conversation with some players. He asked what they were playing and got invited to a beginner’s night where he got hooked on the game. As a long-time doubles’ tennis player, pickleball was a natural fit for Jacob. His first love of the game was trying different paddles as there were so many and ever since he has become obsessed with trying every paddle, he can get his hands on. Jacob appreciates that pickleball is accessible to anyone while still offering competition.

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