Six Zero Double Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle Review


Six Zero Double Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle Review

Six Zero stormed onto the scene last year with the Six Zero Double Black Diamond (DBD), and it ended up being one of the most popular paddles of the year.

It isn’t easy to break into the pickleball paddle space these days, and they just came out of the gate with a winner. That is impressive. Is the hype real?

I was skeptical when I first started hearing reviews for the DBD and hearing it was the best paddle around. Anytime there is a lot of hype, I approach it with skepticism until I can test it for myself, but I am here to confirm this paddle is worth the hype.

I love the hybrid shape they use that gets wider towards the top. It helps widen the sweet spot where I most commonly hit the ball and helps reduce the swing weight to give you faster hands. 

Let’s jump into the review and figure out if the Double Black Diamond 16mm is the paddle for you.

SixZero Double Black Diamond Specs

SixZero Double Black Diamond Specs

Spin 9.0

Control/Feel 9.5

Power 9.0

Pop 8.5

  • Paddle Weight: 8.1oz AVG
  • Paddle Length: 16.3”
  • Paddle Width: 7.5-7.7”
  • Grip Length: 5.5”
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25”
  • Surface: T700 Raw Carbon Fiber
  • Core: 16mm
  • Swing Weight:114
  • Twist Weight:6.64


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My Personal Thoughts

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond is priced at $180.00 ($162.00 with code ADND10), which is a fair price for the quality and performance of this paddle. The overall blend of control, power, spin, and pop this paddle brings to the court makes it one of the best all-court paddles on the market.

I enjoy using the hybrid shape to balance an elongated and widebody paddle. The DBD gives you a blend of a big sweet spot and lower swing weight for faster hands. I didn’t feel like there was a scenario where the paddle was letting me down.

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Paddle Review


The Double Black Diamond has excellent spin that competes with all the other top thermoformed paddles. They use the same T700 carbon fiber as most other paddle companies, and in recent news, they are now applying a new peel-ply on their paddles to make them grittier than ever.

You will have no trouble generating spin on drives, serves, rolls, flicks, and swinging volleys. The lower swing weight makes this paddle maneuverable at the net and helps you develop the extra spin you need to place your shots.


This is a thermoformed unibody with foam-injected sidewalls and a carbon fiber pickleball paddle. If you haven’t played with a thermoformed paddle, it will take some adjustment to get used to resets, but if you have played with other thermoformed paddles, the DBD will be an easy transition for you. 

If you have a carbon fiber paddle, get it out now so you can look at the ball marks on your paddle. If most of them are towards the top, you will love how the DBD flares wider at the top. The sweet spot is bigger than a traditional elongated paddle, which helps you place the ball where you want it easier. 

SixZero Double Black Diamond in Hand

The DBD has a high twist weight that plays true to the number. I had little issue blocking drives with this paddle and didn’t feel much twisting. I do add weight to mine 3g at 4 and 8 o’clock but it is not necessary. It helps add more stability, widens the sweet spot, and adds a bit more power.


You aren’t going to be blown away by the power or the pop of the Double Black Diamond, but it isn’t lacking in the area either. The power is about average, and the pop is slightly above average compared to other thermoformed paddles on the market. I generated a lot of power on my own and had no issues with my drives, serves, and overheads. 

The pop is good and combined with the low swing weight hands battles with the DBD are great. The combination of low SW, higher TW, and good pop makes the DBD a very fun paddle in hands battles.

SixZero Double Black Diamond Side Profile


I’m plugged into the pickleball paddle scene, and I have heard less and less overall about core-crushing issues with all paddle companies.

I haven’t heard anything about Six Zero except for one YouTube comment from an account created the same day (suspicious?) Six Zero also continually improves their manufacturing, even on paddles that have been out for a bit.

If they have an upgrade for their peel-ply for their surface, they do it. If they have a way to reduce swing weight or twist weight, they do it. I appreciate a company always looking to improve their product. 

Six Zero DBD Vs. Six Zero Ruby

SixZero Double Black Diamond
  • Weight: 7.8oz-8.0oz
  • Length: 16.3"
  • Paddle Width: 7.7"
  • Grip Length: 5.3"
  • Tickness: 14mm or 16mm
  • Face: T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Coupon Codes: ADND10 for 10% Off
SixZero Ruby
  • Weight: 8.0 - 8.2oz
  • Length: 16.3''
  • Paddle Width: 7.5"
  • Grip Length: 5 1/2''
  • Tickness: 16mm
  • Face: DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Coupon Codes: "ADND10" for 10% Off

The comparison everyone asks for is the Six Zero DBD vs the Six Zero Ruby. Mainly because they are the exact same paddle, except one has the Kevlar face and the other has the Carbon Fiber face.

I measured the Ruby serve speed at 53.8 MPH and the DBD serve speed at 52.9 MPH. I measured the Ruby punch speed at 34.9MPH and the DBD punch speed at 35.38 MPH. So, the basic breakdown is the DBD gets more pop and the Ruby gets more power, but it is a little more nuanced than that.

The Ruby has a plusher overall feel, which translates to a smoother feel when hitting the ball.

Off-center shots have less vibration than the DBD, which can be a good thing if you don’t like the vibration or a bad thing if you like that instant feedback to help you adjust.

The Ruby has a wider sweet spot than the DBD but that comes at the sacrifice of a higher swing weight with the Ruby SW coming in at 118 vs the 114 SW of the DBD. 

So, in general, the Ruby will give you slightly better control and power, while the DBD will give you more pop and faster hands. Both are great paddles and which one will suit you is which characteristics you favor. 

Final Thoughts: Who Is This Paddle For?

This paddle is for people who want an all-around great paddle that doesn’t give you elite characteristics at any one spot but performs great in every area. The Six Zero double black diamond is so popular because it fits such a wide variety of players, and it doesn’t make you change your game to use the paddle. 

Coming in at $162.00 with a promo code is a great price for paddles these days as we see prices skyrocketing past $200. It is also cool that Six Zero continually comes out with new colorways for the DBD, which lets you make this your main paddle while keeping it fresh with new designs. If someone wanted a new paddle but didn’t know what they wanted I would say just get a DBD and you will be happy. 

Written by:

Jacob Hoisington

Jacob discovered pickleball when he one day was biking past local courts and started a conversation with some players. He asked what they were playing and got invited to a beginner’s night where he got hooked on the game. As a long-time doubles’ tennis player, pickleball was a natural fit for Jacob. His first love of the game was trying different paddles as there were so many and ever since he has become obsessed with trying every paddle, he can get his hands on. Jacob appreciates that pickleball is accessible to anyone while still offering competition.

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