Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy

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If you find yourself wanting maximum reach with a quality paddle this is a great choice.  The spin is great and the power is great.  The pop is decent.  It doesn’t feel too slow in your hands even at the 17” length.  This is a great paddle if you find yourself hitting the top of the paddle too much and you just want a little extra length.

  • Paddle Weight: 8.0oz-8.2oz
  • Paddle Length:17”
  • Paddle Width:7”
  • Grip Length:6.25””
  • Grip Circumference:4.25”
  • Surface:Dynamic Kevlar Surface
  • Core:16.5mm Polypropolene

The Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy is an exciting paddle because it has a super long handle at 6.25” and a total length of 17”.  This makes for a unique playing experience, and it also makes it a great paddle for a former tennis player because it is one of the closest feeling paddles to a tennis racquet. 

If you do not like heavier-feeling paddles, this is not the paddle for you because it has a 122 swing weight and feels heavier in the hands.  That is the tradeoff you must make for having a longer handle and longer length.  If that doesn’t bother you then this is a great paddle to put in your bag.

I enjoyed this paddle in singles and doubles.  I don’t talk about singles often, but I could see in the future all pros using different paddles for singles than doubles because the games are so different.  Having the extra reach matters even more in singles and the hand speed doesn’t matter as much because you aren’t having hands battles too often if ever. 

In doubles the Pro Line Energy excels at drives, drops, poaching, dinking and rolls.  It can be a little harder to get your flicks down with the extra length, but some find it easier with extra length.  It will just depend on your game and mechanics.  If you get past the swing weight you get an excellent blend of pop, power, and spin for finishing points.

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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