How To Re-Grip Your Pickleball Paddle (Step-By-Step) 


Re-Grip Your Pickleball
How To Re-Grip Your Pickleball Paddle (Step-By-Step) 
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It’s finally that time. Your once new, sticky grip is now gross and falling apart. Here’s a step-by-step guide to regripping a pickleball paddle quickly, easily, and affordably. 


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Step 1: Remove your old grip.

Simply unwind your old grip till it falls off and exposes the beveled edges. 

Step 2: (Optional) Increase the size of the new grip. 

If you could use a little extra size, simply take some electrical tape and wrap it around the handle before adding the replacement. 

Step 3: Apply the new grip tape. 

Unwind the tape and remove the adhesive cover. Starting at the butt cap, pull the grip daily tight so there are no air bubbles. Take your time with this step. 

Step 4: Cut the excess grip tape and add finishing tape to the top of the handle. 

The finishing tape is that thinner tape that usually has some branding on it. That goes around the top of the grip tape to protect it from unwinding. 

Step 5: (Optional) Apply an overgrip for added protection. 

The overgrip acts as a barrier and protects the standard grip. When the overgrip wears down, you just have to replace the overgrip rather than the standard grip tape. To apply overgrip follow steps 1-5 again. 

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