The Pro-Lite Pickleball paddles are some of the best sporting equipment available in the market for the sport and the company takes every single measure to get their paddle the best in the field. These paddles are being used by several leading athletes and it has won many medals as well. 

Pro-Lite offers a range of paddle options with different build and materials. The first-ever paddle from Pro-Lite was released in the year 1984 and made use of composite material in the core instead of wood to make them lightweight and better balances. Paddles from Pro-Lite vary in their core, length, width, and grip and offer maximum power on the court. Let us discuss some of the best Pickleball paddles from Prolite here along with their buying guide.

Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best ProLite Pickleball PaddlesWeightPrice
#1. ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle7.5 – 8.1 ozCheck Price Here
#2. ProLite Supernova Diamond Paddle7.8 – 8.2 ozCheck Price Here
#3. Pro-Lite Titan Diamond Pickleball Paddle7.6 – 8.3 ozCheck Price Here
#4. ProLite CRUSH PowerSpin Paddle7.4 – 7.8 ozCheck Price Here
#5. Prolite Chrome NRG Pickleball Paddle7.6 – 8.0 ozCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

Check Price


  • Extra-long paddle for excellent spin control
  • Lightweight paddle
  • Contoured handles
  • Textured paddle surface
  • Comfort grip for better control
  • Grip circumference is 4 ¼” and length is 5”

The Pro-Lite Rebel Pickleball paddle has been designed for casual players with a non-conforming attitude. Though the paddle features a calm design, it is indeed a powerhouse and you can expect from powerful game action with the help of this paddle. The rebel features a comfortable handle with a comfortable contour grip for much excellent wrist action without getting fatigued. The length of these paddles is 16” long, and these extra-long paddles enhance the sweet spot and attend to every single ball the opponent spins. 

The paddle is about 7.7-8.1-ounce weight, which is a perfect balance for some powerful shots. The paddle features a textured fiberglass hitting surface along with an n excellent power spin control, to deliver the balls with a powerful shot. The handle of this paddle is slightly rectangular and thus helps to orient the paddle at an angle one intends. 


  • An excellent paddle for the slice and spin games
  • Excellent grip for more control on the ball
  • Offers more balance and stability for beginners


  • Not an ideal paddle for aggressive players as some users have reported broken handles.

#2. ProLite Supernova Diamond Paddle

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  • 100% carbon fiber surface
  • Quad-core polymer honeycomb core
  • Oversized sweet spot
  • Micro edge guard
  • Noiseless paddle

The ProLite Supernova is one of the best and a very high performing paddles for the Pickleball game. Its best feature is its quad-core honeycomb polymer with a 100% carbon fiber surface. Thus you can expect some nice pop from the surface, though its polymer core helps in absorbing the sound. Thus you can enjoy excellent ball control and play with this quietest paddle from Prolite.

The paddle is black and is sometimes referred to as black diamond or black beauty by its players. It portrays a bold design with sharp and clean lines. The graphics on this paddle is also great and it can be customized in other dark shades.

The weight of this paddle is around 7.7- 8.0 ounces and it also has a medium size grip which is comfortable. Thanks to the cushion pads and contouring along its circumference. The polymer core increases the weight of the paddle, helping players with their most desired power and control. Its edge guard protects the sweet spots and thus this paddles appeals to players of different skill levels. 


  • High-quality USAPA approved paddle
  • Solid construction with even balance for powerful shots
  • Paddle offers an excellent combination of power, control, and touch.


  • Expensive paddle for beginners
  • Warranty is applicable if the buyer has an account with Prolite

#3. Pro-Lite Titan Diamond Pickleball Paddle

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  • 100% pure carbon fiber surface
  • Strong polymer core
  • Large sweet spot
  • The long and balanced paddle face
  • Elegant modern look

The Pro-Lite Black diamond Pickleball paddle belongs to the black diamond series of Pro-Lite and it been constructed of the finest materials. It is also the first-ever paddle to incorporate carbon fibers at the paddle face. This paddle is the best in terms of quality design, excellent workmanship, and materials. Its carbon fiber surface ensures the best absorption of the ball and helps in greater spins and serves to stumble the opponent.

Its polymer core is considered the strongest in the market and thus helps in supreme shock absorption and offers the largest sweet spot. Its large paddle face appeals for beginners to play the game with tremendous confidence. The edge guard is at a low profile and thus helps with a consistent feel and more surface area. The paddle weighs around 7.6 an 8.3 ounces and is a well-balanced and well-built paddle for some tough game action.


  • The cost of this paddle is $20 less than the other sellers.
  • The paddle offers excellent power and control.
  • Quieter than most of the carbon fiber paddles


  • The grip of the paddle is sticky according to some users
  • The weight and the handle length of these paddles are not mentioned clearly.

#4. ProLite CRUSH PowerSpin Paddle

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  • SPINtac hitting surface
  • Best spin control
  • Quadcore honeycomb cell technology
  • MicroEdge guard
  • Ideal for noise restricted communities
  • USAPA approved paddles.

The Powerspin Crush Pickleball paddle from Prolite is a high-performance paddle that can be used by all types of players irrespective of their skill sets. These paddles are easy to play the game with confidence, and you will get confident with the paddle in no time. The paddle offers the exact balance between touch, power, and spin and is thus embraced by amateurs and professionals alike. 

The paddle comprises a quad-core polymer honeycomb core between two sheets of fiberglass panels. Thus this paddle is ready to face any challenge on the court and supports spins exceptionally. The micro-edge guard of the paddle keeps it intact during abusive play and also helps in fine placement of shots. 

The paddles weight between 7.4 and 7.8 ounces, good enough to handle any shots perfectly by the player. The paddle is 15 ½” long and has a grip size of 4 1/8”. Though the grip size appeals to small hands and women, people with bigger hands can add an overgrip to improve the circumference. Overall, it is a good looking paddle with attractive color and striking graphics.


  • Unique paddle with a perfect combination of power, touch, and control.
  • Noise-free paddle and is ideal for indoor games
  • An excellent core that absorbs noise and vibration.


  • The paddle is a little flashy and thus may be distracting in the court
  • The trim of the paddle at the grip wears out with extensive play.

#5. Prolite Chrome NRG Pickleball Paddle

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  • Approved for noise restricted communities
  • Fiberglass and vinyl gel coat
  • Quadcore TM polymer honeycomb core
  • Micro Edge TM guard 
  • USAPA approved

The Prolite chrome is a long paddle in the market with a perfectly engineered shape to enhance the sweet spot considerably. It is an ideal paddle for power hitters and a singles match. Its Quadcore polymer honeycomb core helps with exceptional smacks to defeat the opponent. The core is also powerful enough to reduce noise and vibration during the play. The elongated and tear shape model of this paddle renders an ambient sweet spot over a large area on the paddle surface.

The gel-coated triple-layered fiberglass and vinyl hitting surface help with featherlike control over all the balls. Thus you will be delighted to place the ball as you wish with this Chrome paddles, as it stays a little longer on its gel coat surface. The paddle also features a Black poly micro-edge guard to enhance the sweet spot and to protect the edges of the paddle from chipping off during powerful shots. The head weight momentum of the paddle ensures that the ball leaves it harder and faster to help with some powerful dinks and serves. Thus this paddles alters the game plan according to the intentions of the player.


  • USAPA approved paddle for tournament play.
  • Green zone approved to be used in noise restricted areas.
  • The paddle is 16.5” long and 7.5” wide at the widest point.
  • Triple-layer surface with Vinyl and fiberglass gel coat.


  • The paddle offers excellent power but less control

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Reasons Why You Should Choose ProLite Paddles Over Others

One good reason why the Pickleball paddles from Pro-Lite are popular all over the world is that they are way different from the rest of the paddles available. Mr. Arlen Paranto, the original creator of these paddles, wanted them to be different from the rest and way ahead of the competition. Today it manufactures the most advanced and the most innovative paddles that are perfect for players with different styles. Some reasons why you should choose these paddles for your game are as follows, 

1. Carbon fiber hitting surface:

The black diamond series of pro-lite is composed of carbon fiber construction that does not absorb energy but dissipates it. Thus these paddles stay under extreme control and offer the ability to reset the shot from the opponent. The carbon fiber hitting surface of these paddles creates very little friction though they feel stiff at contact. The durability of these paddles is tremendous, even when the carbon hairs on these paddles fray, they create a more even spin on the ball, enhancing the toughness of the play.

2. Power Grit surface technology:

Pro-Lite is the leader in introducing the Power grit surface technology in the Pickleball paddle industry. While its rivals struggle to add more roughness to the surface of their paddles, Pro-Lite went a step ahead in developing the surface NRG technology. The power grit surface of these paddles pushes the quantum of roughness allowed in the paddles and extended the grit along the length of the paddle, including the sweet spot.

A rough surface with a small grit texture spread across the length of the paddle enhances the spin, power, and the feel of the paddle. These paddles also have powerful deflection and ball absorption capabilities and their additional poly-carbonate layer help in better control. 

3. Tampered edge technology:

The edge guard is the most important aspect of a paddle as it enhances the sweet spot and protects the paddle from a more aggressive play. Cheap edge guard helps in paddle scraping and chipping off after the first time of play. thus, Pro-Lite has come up with a low profile tampered edge control technology to protect the paddle and to render it a solid weight distribution strategy to have the necessary power and control. 

Thus the new age Pro-Lite paddled feature a classy edge with a sleek and a polished look. They also help protect the inner and the outer construction of the paddles, thus maintaining proper balance points and weight distribution. And most importantly, the legs of the edge guard tapers down towards the paddle’s face with no overlapping.

4. Innovative grip and handles:

Pro-Lite makes use of an innovative technique to create superior handles. Its handles are made from low-density polyethylene material that has been engineered to perform at any level. The handles are also designed with the innovative rib technology and will not breakdowns like the traditional foam or balsa handles. Also, these hands are comfortable on the hand and are anti-microbial. 

5. Pickleball paddle end cap:

All of the paddles from Pro-Lite taper into a flush tight end caps. These end units are being engineered to stay as one with the handle. Being a Pickleball only end cap, it helps players by removing the discomfort of paddle caps digging into their palms. 

Final Words

Thus, the motto behind the Pro-Lite Pickleball paddles is to innovate and create the best of paddles for the game. They have cleanly crafted every single aspect of these paddles so that players are confident of their game and score a competitive edge against their competitors. Choose Pro-Lite paddles for your game and help yourself with a controlled and powerful selection of every single shot.


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