Where Can I Play Pickleball? – Hacks to Find Pickleball Courts Near You


Where Can I Play Pickleball? – Hacks to Find Pickleball Courts Near You

Finding a good pickleball court near you can be tricky. Here are some hacks that I have personally used to find a pickleball court near me.

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4 Hacks For Finding a Pickleball Court Near You

#1. Places2Play

Places2play.com is the premier app when it comes to finding places to play pickleball near you. It’s as simple as plugging in your zip code or city and scrolling through either the map or a list layout of all the surrounding pickleball facilities.

The app specifies both indoor courts and outdoor courts and breaks them out further into private, public, and courts that require a drop-in fee.

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From here you can filter out what you’re looking for and check out the comments to get some more information.

The only downside with Places2Play is that you don’t know the ideal time to go to those courts or how many people will be there.

Note: The Places2Play app is for iPhone only, but their website works on any phone or computer.

#2. Join Local Facebook Pickleball Groups

Joining a Facebook group gives you the opportunity to ask important questions. Not only can ask where the best pickleball courts near you are, but you can also ask questions about when to go.

Furthermore, you can find people to play with and build friendships and relationships.

#3. Ask People

If you already play at a court but want a change of scenery, ask the players. Not only can they tell you where other local courts are, but they can also give you the inside scoop on what time to go, how the round robin works, and the types of players that go to that court.

If you’re brand new to the game, I would find a local pickleball or tennis shop and talk to the employees.

Even if you’re a weekend warrior and have no desire to play in a pickleball tournament, it will give you an idea of where to find the nicest pickleball facilities near you.

#4. Make Your Own Court

If you live in a place where there aren’t many pickleball courts near you, you could always grab a portable pickleball net and set it up on a tennis court or driveway and start your own round-robin group.

If the season requires you to play indoor pickleball, you can take your net and set it up in a local recreation center or gym.

How to Find Pickleball Tournaments Near You

If you’re looking for pickleball tournaments in your area there are some useful apps and website that you can use.

#1. Pickleball Tournaments Map

pickleballtournamentsmap.com not only shows you upcoming tournaments but it also includes places to play pickleball with driving directions from your address.

All the “picklepins” show you where the pickleball courts in the selected area are located.

I used this app on vacation to find the closest pickleball court near me which dictated where I would look for hotels.

#2. Pickleballtournaments.com

pickleballtournaments.com is your go-to site for finding, scheduling, and registering for both professional and amateur tournaments in your area.


All these and websites can make your life a whole lot easier when looking for local pickleball courts. They may take some getting used to, but it sure beats driving around and trying to figure out the perfect time of day to play. Have fun and see you out there!

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