niupipo Pickleball Paddle Review: The Best Beginner Paddles


Every time I step foot on the pickleball court, I always see at least one player using a niupipo pickleball paddle.
niupipo Pickleball Paddle Review: The Best Beginner Paddles

Every time I step foot on the pickleball court, I always see at least one player using a niupipo pickleball paddle. This paddle has a special place in my heart because the niupipo MX-06 was the first paddle I ever used when I got into pickleball and I used it till I was about a 3.5 before I upgraded.

The niupipo paddles are so well-rounded and offer a tremendous balance of power, control, and spin for a great price. I shook the dust off of my MX-06 and got a couple more models to dive deeper into the niupipo pickleball paddle review.

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niupipo Pickleball Paddles – Overview

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesWhere to Buy
Best Overallniupipo Explorer ProWeight: 7.9oz-8.3ozDimensions: 15.94″ X 7.91″Handle Length: 5”Shape: StandardFace: GraphitePrice Range: $79.99Amazon
Best For Powerniupipo VoyagerWeight: 7.9oz-8ozDimensions: 16.7″ X 7.5″Handle Length: 5.2”Shape: Elongated Face: GraphitePrice Range: $99.99Amazon
Best Valueniupipo MX Graphite Pickleball paddleWeight: 7.83-8 ozDimensions: 15.43″ X 7.8″Handle Length: 4.72”Shape: StandardFace: GraphitePrice Range: $49.99- $59.99Amazon
Most Versatileniupipo ExplorerWeight: 7.9oz-8.3ozDimensions: 15.94″ X 7.91″Handle Length: 5”Shape: StandardFace: FiberglassPrice Range: $59.99Amazon

niupipo MX

niupipo MX-06 -$69.99

niupipo MX-02$49.99





If you’re looking for the performance of a premium pickleball paddle, this is not going to be the one for you. However, if you’re looking for a well-balanced, well-rounded, and durable pickleball paddle, there is really no better option for the price point.


The niupipo MX was a little tricky to generate a lot of spin with. However, since this is more of a beginner-level paddle, the spin should be the least of your worries.

I was able to generate just enough topspin on serves and overheads, and backspin for dinks and drops but it wasn’t anything like the spin you see with a premium paddle.


Control is really where niupipo pickleball paddles shined in this review. The graphite face was soft and the ball felt great off the paddle face.

The sweet spot on this paddle is very large and forgiving and I was able to get away with mis-hits. In my opinion, forgiveness was the biggest surprise with this paddle.

I had no issues or complaints with drops, resets, and dinks. It was extremely consistent and I knew I could trust the paddle and be confident in my game.

The one drawback that got to me was the edge guard. It goes over the paddle face just a little to much for my liking and the ball did feel slightly dead when I hit it too high on the face. To be fair, all paddles will feel bad if you mis-hit it.

The standard shape and the 16mm core width made for an extremely stable pickleball paddle that performed amazingly during hand battles at the net. At 8oz I felt like I had complete control of the paddle face.


The amount of control you get with this paddle comes at the cost of power, which isn’t necessarily bad. As a beginner, placement is a much more important skill to practice than power.

I wished I had a little more power on my put-away shots and drives, but the shots still felt crisp and good. The sweet spot feels good, but since it’s a standard-sized paddle, it covers more area, which caters to control rather than power.


The niupipo MX was surprisingly durable for its price point. After a couple of weeks of play the face held up and showed no significant signs of wear. However, after a couple of months, the grip and edge guard were the first places I noticed some were and tear.

The good news is that the set comes with 2 paddles, so you’ll always have a backup ready to go.

nuipipo Explorer

Explorer- $59.99

ExplorerPro -$79.99





The Explorer and Explorer Pro cater a little more toward a player looking for spin and power compared to the MX series. The Explorer has a fiberglass face which is slightly heavier and soft, whereas the Explorer Pro has a lighter graphite face if you’re looking for a little more power and a rigid, firm feel.


The Explorer has a little bit more face texture (picture below) compared to the nuipipo MX which makes it a little easier to generate spin if you already have the technique down.

I was much more confident with all spin shots when I used the Explorer Pro with the graphite face. It was much lighter and maneuverable than the fiberglass face.

The fiberglass face was okay with topspin shots, but it felt heavy and clunky around the net for drops and dinks. If you’re a feel player who likes to get some movement on the ball I would recommend the Explorer pro with the graphite face.


The fiberglass face on the basic Explorer has noticeably more pop than the graphite face. The rigid frame and the heavier weight allow you to rip through the ball quickly.

However, with the fiberglass face, that power comes at the cost of control. After a couple of frustrating games of hitting my drops and dinks way too high, I was finally able to dial it back and gain a little more control of the paddle.


Although the graphite explorer did not have as much pop, it had amazing control around the net. I had no issue with put aways or drives, and then having the stability and control for dinks and drops made the Explorer pro my favorite niupipo paddle.

The graphite face also just feels so plush and soft at the net compared to the rigid fiberglass face. I also noticed a difference in dead zones between the fiberglass and graphite face, which makes me think they are balanced differently.

The fiberglass face had more dead zones on the sides, whereas the graphite face felt dead when I hit a little high on the face. I couldn’t find any information on this but I’d assume the fiberglass face is more head weighted, while the graphite face is handle weighted.

Finally, The stock grip on this paddle was perfect for me. I loved the size, texture, and overall performance.


I really kept my eye on the face texture with this paddle, since that’s usually the first to show signs of wear. However, the face is still in great shape even after 3 weeks or regular use with this paddle.

There are some light scratches on the black paddle face but it hasn’t affected the overall feel or performance yet. Considering I used the niupipo MX paddle for about a year with no issues, I’d assume the Explorer is built to last as well, but I’ll keep you updated.


Voyager – $99.99





The Voyager Pro is niupipo’s elongated pickleball paddle. If you play singles, need a little more reach, or come from a tennis background, the Voyager may be the paddle for you.


The niupipo Voyager was probably the easiest niupipo paddle for generating spin. Between the graphite face, the elongated shape and the lighter weight, I really felt like I could get a good “flick” with the paddle for both topspin and slice shots.


Along with spin, this paddle is a clear winner when it comes to speed as well. The other paddles just couldn’t scratch the itch that this paddle could.

The elongated shape and compressed poly core provide so much pop, while the soft graphite face gives you enough control to really dial in your placement.

I really saw an improvement in my put-aways and overheads when I switched to the Voyager from the Explorer or MX. The elongated handle was perfect for adding some extra leverage on my forehands, and comfortable two handed backhands.


In my experience, most elongated paddles in this price range lack any control. I thought the same would be true for the Voyager but I was pleasantly surprised with my level of control with my dinks and drops without sacrificing power.

However, when it comes to hands battles, the paddle felt pretty unstable. The lightweight, elongated face was difficult to keep square. I’d assume this is not an area in which most elongated paddles thrive.

I went ahead and added some lead tape to the sides of the paddle, which improved the stability without a noticeable difference in the power or spin.


After about 3 weeks of use, the face texture is wearing down, and I see some wear around the edge guard. The customer service for niupipo is amazing and if you experience any major durability issues outside the return window, reach out and their team can help you out.


niupipo pickleball paddles are one the best selections you can make as a beginner and even an intermediate pickleball player. All the Paddles from their lineup are so well-balanced in spin, control, and power. If you’re looking for a touch more power, you can go with the Voyager or the Fiberglass Explorer; if you’re looking for control, stability and a softer feel, the MX, or Explorer Pro is a better option.

At the price point and with the amazing customer service, I can see why niupipo has so many amazing reviews and why I see their paddles almost every time I step foot on a pickleball court.

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