3 Best Monarch Pickleball Paddles In 2021 – Reviews & Comparison


3 Best Monarch Pickleball Paddles In 2021 – Reviews & Comparison

Of all the credible Pickleball paddles available out there, Monarch is a leading name. Though the youngest in the competition, they have already attained the reputation to be a credible and an international grade Pickleball paddle suppliers. The Monarch Pickleball paddles are the brainchild of Dick’s sporting goods, a leading sporting supplies retailer in the world. Let us discuss the best pickleball paddles from Monarch in detail here.

Best Monarch Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best Monarch Pickleball PaddlesCorePrice
#1. Monarch Dragon Slayer Pickleball PaddlePolypropyleneCheck Price Here
#2. Monarch Long Sword Pro Pickleball PaddlePolypropyleneCheck Price Here
#3. Monarch Mercenary Pickleball PaddleAluminum honeycombCheck Price Here

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Top 3 Best Monarch Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Monarch Dragon Slayer Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

This is an elegant, attractive, and well-built Pickleball paddle from Monarch that is available in six different colors. These paddles are made as attractive as possible, as one can always find a paddle that matches their game style. These paddles feature a well-balanced composite construction and serve as an excellent combination of power and control.

These paddles feature an enhanced construction for optimal feel. Their polypropylene core with a fiberglass surface has rendered it its characteristic power and lightweight nature. The average weight of these paddles is about 225 grams or 8 oz. They are 15.5” long and 7.75” wide with an excellent sweet spot and large surface area. Its grip consists of premium polypropylene material with a comfort handle for some quick wrist action. 

These paddles suit both intermediate and advanced players and can be used for both indoor and outdoor games.  You can be sure to take complete advantage of the court with the help of these paddles from Monarch. 


  • A well-balanced paddle with composite core construction
  • Suits intermediate and advanced players with its perfect combination of power and control
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor games.


  • Grip does not have sweat dissipating properties
  • It does not come with paddle cover.

#2. Monarch Long Sword Pro Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

The Monarch long sword Pickleball paddle is a tournament-grade high-quality paddle that features a fiberglass and graphite surface layers. Both these substances have their surface layers fused to render additional power and control. It also features a polypropylene core so that the players experience exceptional control, power, and precision every time they get on to the court. 

The paddle has a Gamma contour grip with optimal cushioning. The grip features perforations and ribbings for dissipating sweat and for rendering a comfortable hold.  The paddle also has an elongated shape and grip for better reach and handling. The paddle surface is textured to help in better ball control and in enhancing spin. These paddles can be best used for both indoor and outdoor play and by both intermediate and advanced players.

The paddle weighs 8 ounces and the length of the paddle is about 17 inches. The width of these paddles is 7 inches, with ample sweet spots to handle all sorts of balls. 


  • The paddle possesses a solid feel and renders excellent control.
  • The extra length of the paddle helps in efficient game action.
  • Good paddle to achieve a longer reach.


  • Accidental scraping of the paddle, gets the rim guard rolled back, exposing the laminations.
  • Powerful shots can get minor rattling sound inside the paddle.

#3. Monarch Mercenary Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

The Monarch mercenary Pickleball paddle renders excellent control on the Pickleball shots over the net. These paddles feature an aluminum honeycomb core for additional strength and wide-body shape to attend every single ball. Its widened sweet spots ensure that you enjoy an unbeatable feel and performance on the court. 

This paddle with superior construction holds a huge graphite surface for added control and durability. Its contour stitched grip features a lot of perforations to render a solid feel during the gameplay. It is also efficient in absorbing sweat and is ideal for all season play. You can use this paddle for both indoor and outdoor games and appeals to both intermediate and professional Pickleball players. 

The monarch Mercenary is a strong Pickleball paddles that weigh 8 ounces and they are neither too heavy nor lightweight. You can get your shots in a comfortable and controllable manner with this paddle, a feature much loved by professional players. 


  • Lightweight paddle with a wide-body and aluminum honeycomb core.
  • Its graphite surface delivers its characteristic power and control.
  • Larger hitting area and bigger sweet spots.


  • The paddle is slightly heavy and has a long handle
  • The aluminum honeycomb core is not as strong as claimed.

About Pickleball Paddles from Monarch

Monarch at present sells three different Pickleball paddles as we have covered under the product category. Many of its users have stated that these are some of the best-designed paddles available for the sports right now. All credit goes to its construction and its ability to balance power and performance.

These paddles are not composed of a single material, some of the paddles feature an aluminum core whereas others have a polypropylene core. All of their paddles are fused with the current and latest technologies apart from being exceptionally well designed. These paddles are highly recommended for anybody who is looking to get started with the Pickleball sport. 

Why should you choose Monarch Pickleball paddles – Tips before Buying

You should consider several factors before investing in your Pickleball paddle. Though some of these factors are a matter of personal preference, paying close attention to certain minute details will help in an efficient game action.

1. Weight of the paddle:

It is important to choose a lightweight paddle for efficient ball action. The Monarch paddles weigh nor more than 8 oz. and are thus pretty simple to maneuver. Players can feel a vibration in their arm and wrist, which helps them to move forward in the game. Also, these paddles are very easy to control compared with other heavy paddles.

2. Length of the paddle:

The paddles from Monarch are slightly longer than the rest of its competitors. Longer paddles help with nice whipping motion and can also get a very pretty much accurate. Also by using a longer paddle, you gain more reach to volley at a little extra speed, gaining a competitive edge over the opponent.

3. Paddle power and control:

The fiberglass and graphite core of these paddles will render you more power on each of the moves along with good control over the ball. If your gameplay comprises of more of a dinking strategy, then you should go for Monarch paddles, that combines power with control. These paddles also help with a more forceful swing at every ball, leaving the opponent puzzled. 

4. Paddle grip:

A longer and wider grip fatigues the wrist and leaves the hand uncomfortable. They also tend to slip when one is playing. But the grip and handles of monarch paddles are just comfortable for some exceptional wrist action. They also reduce fatigue at the wrist and renders more control and spin. Also, their sweat absorbing properties prevent slipping and helps in uninterrupted play. 

5. Ambience:

Monarch paddles appeal to all players and are available in vibrant colors to yield to the aesthetics and playing style of the players. Grab the paddle of your favorite color and show some exceptional play action in the court.

Final Verdict

Featuring graphite and fiberglass playing surfaces, the Monarch paddles are the youngest and the best options available for intermediate and professional Pickleball players. Buy one now and see the difference these paddles renders to your game plan by yourselves.

Best Monarch Pickleball Paddles Buyers’ Guide

Looking for the best Monarch Pickleball paddle that best suits your needs can be overwhelming!

When selecting the best paddles in the Monarch line, you should consider various factors, such as the grip size, budget, etc.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner in using pickleball paddles, knowing each Monarch paddle’s characteristics will give you an insightful idea of the best paddle to choose.

In this section we will cover various factors to check out before you buy a Monarch Pickleball paddle.

1) Construction: Composite vs. Graphite

The construction materials used in Monarch Pickleball paddles can either be composite or graphite materials.

So what is the difference between composite and graphite?


The construction process of composite paddles uses a variety of materials. The materials used are hybrid as opposed to one single material.

Suppose you’re looking to get started with a composite constructed paddle from the Monarch line to match your game style, then Monarch Dragon Slayer Pickleball will be your fit.

These composite constructed paddles come in different shapes and sizes.

The materials used to create this type of paddle are combined using a mesh and a molding approach.

This technology allows the paddle to have a textured surface.

The most common construction cores used in composite paddles include Polymer, Nomex, and Aluminum.

Most players prefer these cores due to their high responsiveness and high-quality texture, making the composite paddles swift to allow aggressive shots.

The Monarch composite pickleball paddles are suitable for power players who like taking the initiative in a match.


Unlike the composite paddles that use a hybrid of materials, the graphite paddles construction process uses a single material.

These types of paddles are lightweight, and they weigh 7.5 ounces on average. This attribute makes them comfortable and easy to use.

The graphite paddles are more durable compared to heavyweight composite paddles.

When looking for the best graphite paddle, you should also consider its face finish. That is, paddles should have a face that is not damaged by the sun or fades quickly.

If you combine a graphite paddle with honeycomb polymer cores, its feel and touch levels get elevated.

Owing to its lightweight features, graphite paddles are ideal for professional players.

Among the Monarch paddles, the Monarch Mercenary Pickleball paddle is best-constructed with graphite materials.

2) Budget

The price of each Monarch pickleball paddle varies depending on the material used in its construction.

The Monarch Dragon Slayer paddles are the least expensive.

If you’re interested in Monarch paddles constructed with graphite layers such as Monarch Mercenary Graphite paddles, then you should expect to pay quite a higher price.

3) Grip Size

Having a pickleball paddle with the correct grip helps you have quick serves and quick hand changes, especially if you use both hands.

Typically, the grip will depend on the paddle length, width, and grip size, with 4- 4 ⅛ inches grip being the smallest grip ‘Small Grip’ and 4 ½ being the largest grip.

So, when selecting a Monarch Pickleball paddle, choose the one with the correct grip on your hand and allow you to play comfortably at full-range motion.

The grip size should not be big or small. Instead, it should fit your grip circumference just right.

Although a larger grip size provides more stability in your game style, it causes the paddle to slip in your hand while you play. It also causes elbow problems after playing for a while.

On the flip side, a small grip size allows you to have more wrist action that aids in putting a spin on the ball. It also ensures that you have enough control over your paddle.

If you want to customize your paddle grip, you can use an overgrip to wrap the paddle to suit your needs.

You might be overwhelmed with the various grip sizes to consider when buying your Monarch Pickleball paddle.

But don’t worry! The table below will give you a sneak peek idea of different Monarch Pickleball paddles grip sizes.

Monarch Pickleball Paddles Grip Size Comparison Table

Monarch Paddle TypeGrip SizePaddle WidthPaddle Length
Monarch Dragon SlayerMedium7.75 inches15.5 inches
Monarch LongSword Pro PaddleLarge7 inches17 inches
Monarch MercenaryMedium8 inches15.5 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monarch Pickleball paddles good?

Monarch paddles are among the best pickleball paddles available in the market.

The Monarch line paddles have impressive graphics and outstanding features, making them have power shots and high performance.

They are also available in different models to suit the needs of the players based on their skillset.

Which Monarch Pickleball paddle has power?

Dragon Slayer is the best Monarch pickleball paddle for power with an estimated performance of 9.5 shot power.

It is manufactured using innovative technology that features an advanced polypropylene core that has a fiberglass surface and enables it to hit power shots.

It is also constructed using a well-balanced composite that makes it unbeatable in finesse and power.

Which Monarch Pickleball paddle provides good control?

Monarch Mercenary Pickleball paddle takes the lead when it comes to control.

Having a core made of aluminum honeycomb, makes it have a wide-body shape that helps it hit back at any pickle balls that come its way.

Its graphite surface also contributes to the control of the paddle.

How long does a Monarch Pickleball paddle last?

The estimated lifespan of a Monarch Pickleball paddles ranges between one to five years.

If you use your Monarch paddles on near-daily occasions, they will likely retire after one year of use. But, they can serve you for about three years before you replace them if you occasionally use them.

Paddles used once in a while can last up to five years.

What is the weight of a Monarch Pickleball paddle?

The weight range of these paddles is not more than 8 ounces.
While lightweight Monarch Dragon Slayer paddles weigh between 225g to 8 ounces, Monarch Mercenary and Monarch LongSword Pro paddles weigh 8 ounces.

If you’re a beginner looking to control your paddle, you should opt for a Monarch lightweight pickleball paddle instead of a heavyweight paddle.

The most preferred Monarch paddle weight range is 7.5 ounces.
With this weight, you’ll have more control and power over your paddles, as well as have the perfect grip on your paddles.

Which is better? A composite or graphite Monarch Pickleball paddle?

Composite pickleball paddles have more power compared to graphite paddles. They also allow for aggressive shots that are swift.

Depending on their shapes, composite Monarch paddles can accommodate players from all skill levels, while graphite paddles are only ideal for beginners.

The secret of selecting the best paddle is to try each paddle and feel if it is well-balanced in your hand and can help you achieve the best results in the game.

What’s the difference between Monarch fiberglass and graphite paddles?

While fiberglass paddles are heavier and more powerful, graphite paddles have more control than fiberglass paddles.

Fiberglass paddles, also known as composite paddles, generate pop on the ball, unlike graphite paddles.


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