Though Franklin is an age-old sports brand, it is a new entry to the Pickleball arena, and trust me it does great here with its range of paddles. Their paddles are known for their impeccable engineering, excellent construction, efficient functioning, and of course affordability. All of the paddles from Franklin are approved by the USAPA to be used in tournaments. Franklin also sells pickleball balls, slings, bagsnets, and other accessories for efficient gameplay.

Franklin has brought in a series of paddles to match the unique tastes and styles of the players and has crafted its paddles to be different from each other. Read through to learn how they are unique and how they help in improving the game action.

Best Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best Franklin Sports Pickleball PaddlesWeightPrice
#1. Franklin Sports Nomex X Caliber Paddle8 ozCheck Price Here
#2. Franklin Sports Pro Christine McGrath Paddle7.6 – 8.1 ozCheck Price Here
#3. Franklin Sports Pickleball X-Finity Paddle8.4 – 8.6 ozCheck Price Here
#4. Franklin Sports X-1000 Pickleball Paddle7.7 – 8.2 ozCheck Price Here
#5. Franklin Sports Vibe Pickleball Paddle7.6 – 8.1 ozCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Franklin Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Franklin Sports Nomex X Caliber Paddle

Check Price

The Franklin sports Pickleball paddles features an internal Nomex core a double-layer fiberglass hitting surface. The paddle enjoys a large sweet spot owing to its unique combination of engineered paddle elements and offers the perfect balance for players at all skill levels. X-caliber is an excellent fiberglass Pickleball paddle that has approval from USAPA.

This paddle follows extreme ergonomics and offers one of the most comfortable grips in the industry. The handle has a perfect length of five inches in length and allows players to hold the paddle exactly the way they want to use. The mid-weight of the paddle helps the players to master the game and offers a comfortable balance of weight between 8 ounces.

The paddle is equipped with a durable rubber guard for maximum paddle protection. It is a unique combination of engineered elements that helps in creating a large sweet spot and a perfect balance at all skill levels. Though the Pickleball paddle is a loud sport, the paddle is designed to decrease the amount of contact noise. The handle has a perfect five inches in length, allowing the user to hold the paddle the way the player wants to.


  • Inner core composes of Nomex and fiberglass core for predictable trajectory and directional response.
  • It offers the most comfortable grip in the industry.
  • USAPA approved paddle with tournament grade quality.


  • It creates high pitch fiberglass hitting sound and can be a little noisy.

#2. Franklin Sports Pro Christine McGrath Paddle

Check Price


  • 13 mm polypropylene core
  • Fiberglass surface layer with maximum grit
  • 5” handle length with cushion grip
  • Max Grit surface technology

The Franklin sports pro tournament Pickleball paddles comprise of the revolutionary MaxGrit technology that has been designed to render excellent traction on the surface of the ball, in an attempt to increase its spin. As it has been designed by Christine McGrath, a professional in the game, it possesses some natural qualities to compete and win at the highest level. The Maxgrit technology of these paddles is designed not just to deliver the excellent spin, but also to dampen vibration for precision play and optimal control over the ball.

This Pickleball paddle possesses a strong and durable core that consists of 13 mm polypropylene. This not just helps with the durability of the paddle, but also helps with paddling at a reduced effort. Also, the fiberglass surface layer helps the paddlers with a larger sweet spot at the center for the best control and contact with them all.


  • Max Grit technology for noise reduction and excellent ball contact
  • Fiberglass surface for an ambient sweet spot
  • USAPA approved Pickleball paddle for competitive tournament play.


  • The grip of this paddle is not perforated and thus offers a medium grip.

#3. Franklin Sports Pickleball X-Finity Paddle

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  • Internal aluminum core
  • Double layer fiberglass hitting surface
  • Large sweet spot
  • Excellent balance between power and control
  • Internal honeycomb core
  • Ideal for noise restricted communities

This fiberglass Pickleball paddle has been constructed with an aluminum core surrounded by two layers of fiberglass on either side. Thus you can be very sure of its comfort and control at every single hit. This unique combination of elements leaves the paddle with the largest sweet spot along with the perfect balance between power and control, irrespective of the skill levels of the players. It is one of the most comfortable paddles available, owing to its high-performance handle. It offers a comfortable grip and is 5 inches in length. It fits the palm of most players, allowing them to hold it the way they want.

We all are aware that Pickleball is originally a loud sport. But, this paddle has been designed to decrease the quantum of contact noise and is thus ideal for noise restricted zones. Its internal honeycomb design and a perfect weight of 8.6 oz. renders the optimal power that professionals seek for their game. The X-Finity paddle is also equipped with a durable rubber guard to offer maximum paddle protection.


  • Aluminum Pickleball paddle with fiberglass coating for excellent game action.
  • USAPA approved tournament-grade Pickleball paddle
  • Optimal weight offers the desired power for the game.


  • The ball leaves this paddle at a high speed, and thus players have to adjust their game style
  • The paddle is a little costlier than similar paddles from other brands.

#4. Franklin Sports X-1000 Pickleball Paddle


  • Polypropylene core with a fiberglass surface
  • A lightweight paddle that weighs 7.7 – 8.2 oz.
  • Durable edge guard
  • Comfort cushion grip
  • Long paddle with 20.75” length

The Franklin X-1000 Pickleball paddle is composed on a polypropylene honeycomb core that renders its characteristic strong and durable surface. The paddle is thus capable of attending to some of the toughest balls and the toughest opponents on the court. The paddle is covered by a fiberglass surface layers along with a tough edge guard so as to render it some best and tough protection against hard pounding on the court. The edge guard actually protects the paddle against damage during abusive play as well.

Special mention on the grip of these paddles that helps in keeping the hands comfortable throughout the gameplay. Its foam fitting non-slip grip handle ensures that the grip stays sturdy on the hand despite excess sweat and humid playing conditions. The paddle enjoys an ample sweet spot, thanks to the best combination of elements in its construction. It offers the best balance between power and maneuverability for players at different skill levels.


  • Lightweight and comfortable paddle for players of all skill levels
  • Extremely durable paddle with fiberglass surface layer and tough edge band
  • USAPA approved tournament-grade Pickleball paddle.


  • The paddle is slightly noisy on the court and may not appeal for noise restricted communities.

#5. Franklin Sports Vibe Pickleball Paddle

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The Franklin sports vibe pickleball paddle comprises a polypropylene honeycomb core that helps in creating a strong and durable surface to withstand long hours of powerful gameplay in the court. Being a lightweight paddle that weighs between 7.6 oz and 8.1 oz, it is very much comfortable to play with by players of all skill levels. The paddle is also extremely durable and can withstand even abusive playing in the court.

Its specially engineered comfort grip ensures that it fits securely in the hand and does not slip-off even when the players sweat very pad. Apart from the fiberglass surface that renders excellent contact and spin on the ball, the paddle also features a tough edge band to protect it. Thus even when you abuse the paddle in the court with some tough play action, the edge guard gets it covered from chipping off.


  • Excellent combination of elements that are perfectly engineered renders ample sweet spot for giving a tough game for the opponent.
  • USAPA approved paddles for tournament level play.
  • Overall great paddle available at the best price.


  • The paddle is lightweight and does not help with powerful smashes

Factors to Consider Before Buying Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles

  1. The paddle core:

As far as the core of the Pickleball paddles is concerned, Franklin offers a range of options. Some of its paddles have a Nomex core with fiberglass surface, such as the X series, some have an aluminum core with graphite surface such as X-Finity and some have a polypropylene core with fiberglass surface such as the X-1000 model. It is up to the player to choose the core according to your game plan and their skill level. Irrespective of the core materials, all of the paddles follow an inherent honeycomb pattern and thus helps in enhancing the hitting surface with ample sweat spot.

  1. Options with the face of the pickleball paddle:

Almost all of the paddles from Franklin are made up of fiberglass surface. In the signature range, the face of the paddles has a built-in grit that offers spin and offers a way to control fastballs. Paddles with such surfaces also help with serves. Paddles with the Max Grit technology offers the necessary traction of the ball to improve the game action.

  1. Handles:

Al of the paddle is of the standard length of five inches. But of the paddles do not have a perforated handle and thus these can have less sweat dissipating capability. Choose a paddle with sweat absorbing handle and that is of medium width so as to stay comfortable in the hand. It is also a good idea to choose handles with EVA foam for additional padding.

  1. Budget:

The entire range of Franklin paddles is absolutely affordable. A majority of the elite paddles are available at a price point of $150, but even the top best variant of Franklin paddles are available at just $100. There are also cheaper Pickleball paddles available from Franklin. The Franklin X-Factor and the X-caliber are available at the price point of just $50. Thus you get some of the best paddles at an affordable cost from Franklin.

Why Should You Buy Pickleball Paddles from Franklin?

Franklin is one of the best brands for sporting equipment in America. The brand was found in the year 1945 and has grown to the level of supplying the best pickleball paddles to the top professional players. Some of the advantages why one should buy the Pickleball paddles from Franklin are as follows

  • The Franklin paddles are approved by the USAPA for tournament grade play.
  • The paddles feature a composite core with the highly reflective hitting surface for better ball action and complex spins.
  • The paddles have a 5” excellent handle with additional grip for easy wrist action without getting fatigued.
  • All of the paddles from Franklin renders the perfect balance between power and control and thus are ideal for intermediate and professional level playing.
  • The paddles have an excellent edge guard to protect themselves from abusive play.
  • The weight of these paddles are in the range of 8 oz. Since this is slightly at a higher range, professionals consider this to be an advantage to deliver powerful serves and smashes.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles – FAQs

Does the franklin Pickleball paddles come in pairs?

No, the paddles are available as a single unit and not in pairs.

Where should I book my replacement parts?

The replacement parts of the Franklin Pickleball paddles are available online at the official website of Franklin sports and not available in stores.

Do the Franklin paddles come with a replacement warranty?

Yes, the paddles come with a replacement warranty and you can claim the warranty from the official website of franklin sports.

Does Franklin ship its paddles internationally?

No, at present the orders do not ship internationally.

Final Words

Paddles from Franklin are the paddles of choice for those who wish to hone their Pickleball skills. Franklin crafts paddles that suit the abilities of different types of players and are been adopted by a number of professional players at leading international tournaments. These paddles also offer excellent value for the money. Choose them and witness an enhancement in your skill level by yourself.


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