12 Best Pickleball Bags – Duffel Bag and Backpacks


Nothing screams “pickleball enthusiast” like walking into the courts, unzipping your awesome pickleball bag,
12 Best Pickleball Bags – Duffel Bag and Backpacks

Nothing screams “pickleball enthusiast” like walking into the courts, unzipping your awesome pickleball bag, and taking out your pickleball paddle and shoes to prepare for an amazing day. A great bag, not only looks cool, but it offers so much added convince and protection. Let’s dive into the best pickleball bags of 2022 and break down our favorite features.

Editors Choice: Best Pickleball Bags

Most Versatile

Game On Sling Pickleball Bag

AmazonPickleball Central


Best Priced Bag

Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

AmazonPickleball Central


Best Tournament Bag

Paddletek Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball Central


Best Pickleball Sling Bags

Pickleball sling bags are more for the minimalists. If you just need a place to carry a paddle or two and your valuables, the sling bag is for you. Here are our favorite sling pickleball bags.

Pickleball Central Game On Sling Bag

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 2

Paddle Capacity: 2 Paddles

Features: Adjustable shoulder straps, top loop to hook bag on the fence.

“Zero Zero Two, game on.” Just looking at it makes me want to get out and play pickleball.

Aside from looking great, this sling bag is extremely functional. It has a loop on the top you can hang it on a fence hook while you play and the adjustable shoulder strap and back of the bag are padded in case you walk or bike to your local pickleball facility.

It’s made out of dense polyester so it can withstand weather conditions and can be tossed around.

As far as actual storage, it’s minimal but carries everything you need. You can fit up to 2 paddles and some pickleballs easily, as well as your valuables.

If you’re looking for versatility this is the best bag for you.


  • Top hook to hang on fences
  • Padded and breathable straps
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable


  • Space is limited
  • If left outside you may see sun damage over time

‘Pickleball Fanatic’ Sling Bag

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 2

Paddle Capacity: 4 Paddles + 3 Balls

Features: Adjustable strap, top loop to hook bag on the fence, mesh compartment for water.

Dimensions: 18″ tall X 13″ Wide

The Pickleball Fanatic sling bag also has a fabric hook on the top that is perfect for latching it onto a fence.

The adjustable strap and back are padded with breathable foam in case you need to throw them on for a long walk in the hot sun.

It’s also built with a thick polyester coating so if it’s raining your valuables will stay dry.

This bag has more room than the Game On bag. You can easily fit up to 4 paddles, and 3+ pickleballs.

On top of that, it’s got a velcro valuables pouch for your phone, wallet, keys, and glasses. It also has a mesh pocket that perfectly fits your water bottle.


  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of space for a sling bag
  • Hook to hang on fences


  • The water bottle pocket might be too small for re-usable bottles
  • The zipper and strap are delicate and may break/tear

Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag



Pockets: 3

Paddle Capacity: 4 Paddles + Pickleballs

Features: Adjustable strap, top loop to hook bag on the fence, mesh water bottle holder, more room than other sling bags.

Dimensions: 18.5″ tall X 13″ Wide

Franklin Pickleball Bag Review

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling bag is sleek, durable, and perfect for any pickleball player to pack all the essentials.

You can easily fit one or two pickleball paddles and about 6 balls in this sling bag.

This Franklin pickleball bag has three zipper pockets. The biggest pocket is for your pickleball paddles. The secondary zipper pocket is where you’re going to want to hold your pickleballs, maybe a light jacket or sunglasses.

The last and smallest zipper pocket perfectly accommodates a cell phone, wallet, and keys.

This sling bag also features a mesh pocket for a water bottle, a fabric loop to hang it on fences, and adjustable straps.

This bag has breathable foam pacing that evenly distributes the pressure on your back.

The Franklin sports pickleball Sling bag is perfect for anyone. It has enough space to pack a few extra things but offers the portability and minimal design of a sling bag.


  • Lots of room without being too bulky
  • Durable zippers
  • Fence hooks
  • lightweight
  • breathable


  • The bag is a little stiff
  • The phone pocket is too small for big phones
  • The buckle is not very durable

Best Pickleball Backpacks

Sometimes a sling bag just isn’t going to get the job done. Maybe you live in a place where the climate is unpredictable and need some extra gear.

Perhaps you’re testing out several paddles or running drills that require extra equipment or travel for tournaments. If that’s the case, you’ll want to step it up to a pickleball backpack.

Here are our favorite pickleball backpacks that will for sure satisfy your needs.

Vulcan VPro Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 7

Paddle Capacity: 2 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, top loop to hook bag on the fence, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main pocket, back padding, padded valuables pocket.

Dimensions: 19″ H x 14″ W x 10″ D 

The Vulcan VPro backpack will be the last pickleball bag you’ll ever need. It’s a little pricey but the features make this bag one of the best on the market. This is a quality pickleball bag that had a lot of thought put into it.

The Vulcan VPro bag has 7 pockets. The primary pocket can hold a ton of gear like jackets, water bottles, shoes, balls, snacks, etc. It’s a huge very deep pocket.

The paddle pocket is a little hard to see in the photos, but it’s in the back. It’s a narrow but long padded pocket that can easily hold two paddles while keeping them protected.

The bottom pocket on this bag has two metal air vents. This is the perfect spot for shoes or sweaty gear. It stays superstate from the main pocket and can air out.

The next 4 pockets are all valuables pouches. The two on the top offer a little more padding for things like phones and glasses, then you have two bigger side pockets for maybe a wallet, notebook, etc.

The Vulcan VPro pickleball bag is made out of water-resistant, non-rip fabric so it’s durable.

The straps and flat padding on the back make it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods without any back or shoulder pain.

This bag would best suit serious players who are going to spend a long time practicing or drilling. It’s. great tournament bag as well.


  • Good ventilation
  • Insulated lining
  • A lot of pockets for valuables
  • Roomy main pocket
  • Extremely durable fabric and zippers


  • Smaller than most “Tour” size pickleball bags

Selkirk Tour Performance Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 6

Paddle Capacity: 2 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, top loop to hook bag on the fence, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main compartment, back padding, padded valuables pocket, 3 additional internal pockets, insulated food/drink compartment

Dimensions: 20.5″ H x 14″ W x 11″ D 

The Selkirk Tour Performance Pickleball Backpack is one of the best, most advanced bags on the market.

It has a ventilated shoe compartment, a good-sized insulated pocket for food, and two mesh bottle pockets on the side for your water bottle.

The main compartment can be accessed through the top or bottom of the bag and has tons of room for an extra change of clothes, pickleball shoes, or a couple of packs of balls.

The attention to detail in the paddle pocket stands out in this bag. It’s padded and ventilated to keep your Selkirk Pickleball paddles looking pristine.

Selkirk put themselves into the consumer’s shoes with this bag as you can see with the big mesh water pouches and the designated cellphone pocket on the inside.

What makes this Pickleball bag stand out is the poly fiber material. I’d say this is the most durable bag in this review and you can feel it right when you hold it.

like many of the other backpacks in this review, it has extremely breathable padding on the shoulder straps and back pad for added comfort and stability.


  • Ventilated shoe pocket
  • Lots of pockets to stay very organized
  • Huge center pocket
  • Very comfortable straps
  • reinforced zippers
  • Fence hook


  • Zippers can be sticky and hard to open
  • Some stitching may come undone

HEAD Tour SuperCombi Bag

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 5

Paddle Capacity: 8 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, Fence hook to hang the bag, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main compartment, back padding, padded valuables pocket, 2 additional internal pockets, Insulated lining.

Dimensions: 24.8 L x 13 W x 16 H 

I would first like to point out that this pickleball bag may be bigger than you expect it to be. Make sure you take a look at the measurements and be sure this is the right pickleball backpack for you.

The Head Tour SuperCombi is one of the best bags you can get.

This pickleball bag has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. The side pocket can hold up to 6 pickleball paddles, and the main pocket can hold pretty much anything you want plus more.

The SuperCombi pickleball bag also has a shoe pocket with ventilation and a waterproof inner coating as well as a cooler pocket to keep water bottles cold.

There are serval places to put valuables or small essentials. You have inner mesh pockets in the main compartment as well as separate smaller valuables pockets, as well as a padded glasses pocket.

This bag has both handles to carry, and an adjustable padded strap to throw on your back.

The nylon coating feels top-notch and durable.

This pickleball bag has everything you could ask for. I think that this bag would be best for someone who travels for tournaments since it can pretty much double as a suitcase.


  • Tons of room
  • Has a handle to carry as well as backpack straps
  • Very high-quality material
  • Mesh water bottle pocket
  • Ventilated shoe pocket
  • Fence hook
  • Glove chord


  • This pickleball bag may be too big. Check the dimensions before ordering

Gamma Pro Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball Central


Pockets: 6

Paddle Capacity: 3 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main compartment, padding on the back of the bag, padded valuables pocket, insulated lining

Dimensions: 17H x 12.5W x 9D

The Gamma Pro Pickleball bag has a pretty similar layout to the Vulcan VPro Bag.

You have your back pocket that can hold up to 3 pickleball paddles, and the deep main compartment for jackets, water bottles, shoes, and balls.

You also get 4 valuables pockets as well as a separate shoe compartment with ventilation.

The Gamma Pro Pickleball bag also has amazing breathable mesh cushioning on the back as well as on the adjustable straps.

The standout feature of this bag compared to the previous pickleball bags is the price. You’re getting a bag with everything you need and more for significantly less than say the Vulcan VPro


  • Has plenty of room to store everything you need
  • Durable stitching and zippers
  • Comfortable straps


  • This bag doesn’t have many small pockets so it may be harder to organize
  • Side pockets may be too small for some paddle shapes and sizes.

Wilson Super Tour PaddlePak

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 6

Paddle Capacity: 3 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, Fence hook to hang bag, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main compartment, back padding, padded valuables pocket, insulated lining, removable divider inside.

Dimensions: 20″ L x 13″ D x 12″ H

The Wilson Super Tour PaddlePak offers that retro, classic Wilson tennis bag look. However, the PaddlePak was specifically designed for pickleball.

This is a good-looking Pickleball bag that offers a lot of functionality.

The main compartment has a removable divider to keep the inside organized. The second is where you would ideally keep up to 3 pickleball paddles.

The paddle compartment has a weatherproof lining to make sure things stay cool in there, which also makes it great for a water bottle or snack.

Like the other backpacks, you also have a shoe compartment with metal vents cause no one wants to smell sweaty shoes.

Also, as the other pickleball bags reviewed, it’s got 2 valuables pouches on either side, as well as a hook on a strap to keep your super nice Wilson PaddlePak off the dirty ground.

PaddleTek Tour Backpack

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 6

Paddle Capacity: 5 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, ventilated shoe compartment, huge main compartment, back padding, padded valuables pocket, insulated lining, laptop compartment, an inner mesh pocket, insulated lining on the inside, fence hook to hang bag.

Dimensions: 24″ H x 15″ W x 12″ D

There’s no denying the PaddleTek Pickleball bag is stylish. It’s on the larger side compared to the other pickleball bags, but the construction makes it super comfortable to wear.

This is by far the best pickleball bag for those who travel to tournaments. It can fit clothes, a laptop, multiple pouches for accessories and valuables, and a vented shoe compartment.

The paddle pocket on this pickleball bag is a beast and can hold up to 5 paddles.

The main compartment can hold pretty much anything you can imagine (within reason), and the side pockets are deep enough to hold a few packs of pickleball.

This bag has a hook as well to keep it off the ground, even though it’s made from very durable nylon.


  • Tons of room
  • Comfortable construction
  • A lot of pockets for organization
  • Durable build quality
  • Under warranty
  • Insulated lining


  • None

Selkirk Day Backpack

Pickleball Central


Pockets: 4

Paddle Capacity: 6 Paddles

Features: Adjustable strap, laptop pouch, mesh water bottle holder.

Dimensions: 18″ H x 11″ W x 6″ D

The Selkirk day bag is perfect for those who need a little more than a sling bag, but don’t need all the room the other pickleball bags offer.

It is very basic. You have room for two paddles, some balls, a change of clothes or shoes, and your valuables.

Along with the main pockets, you also have a mesh water bottle pocket, and adjustable cushioned shoulder straps for added comfort.


  • Lots of room for equipment and gear
  • Very light
  • Durable Zippers
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable back straps


  • The Mesh water bottle pocket is too small for reusable bottles.

Best Pickleball Duffel Bags

I get it, some people just prefer a duffel over a backpack or sling bag.

Not only does a duffel provide more room, but it is also a much better price for those who are just looking for storage.

Here are some of our favorite Pickleball Duffel Bags.

Game On pickleball Duffel Bag

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 2

Paddle Capacity: 4 Paddles

Features: Adjustable shoulder strap, bag handles, huge main compartment.

Dimensions: 18″ H x 9″ W x 10.5″

The Game On pickleball duffel bag has almost too much room. This bag can hold 4 paddles, and over a dozen pickleballs plus shoes, a jacket, all your accessories, and more.

The side of the bag has a ventilated pouch for the sweaty gear you may have after a long day, as well as a water bottle pouch.

The game on duffel bag gives you two options of carrying. You have your handles, or you can throw the strap over your shoulder.


  • Affordable
  • Very spacious
  • Durable material


  • Zippers may lack durability
  • Lacks organization

Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag

Pickleball Central



Pockets: 3

Paddle Capacity: 4 Paddles

Features: Adjustable shoulder strap, bag handles, huge main pocket, drawstring side pouch

Dimensions: 18″ H x 9″ W x 10″

The Pickleball Fanatic Duffel bag offers more organization than the Game On duffel bag.

You have a small valuables pouch on the side for your wallet, keys, and phone. Next to that, you have a drawstring pocket that is perfect for quick access to extra pickleballs.

It has a mesh water bottle pouch, as well as a separate compartment for shoes or dirty pickleball gear.

The main compartment is huge and will carry four pickleball paddles and a dozen balls along with maybe a lightweight jacket or some cones for drills.

Like the Game On Duffel, it can be a carry bag with the straps, or you can toss the strap over your shoulder.

This is a perfect bag for all pickleball players.


  • Has enough space for everything you need.
  • Durable outer material
  • Affordable
  • Ventilation


  • Only has 3 pockets so it may be hard to organize.
  • Zipper and handle may damage over time.

Pickleball Bags Buying Guide

If you’re considering buying a pickleball bag, there are important factors that you need to keep in mind.


Material is a vital factor when considering a pickleball bag. Depending on the climate you play in you’re either going to want something with a breathable mesh back, or a weather-resistant nylon coating.


If you carry your bag from the car trunk to the court you can skip over this factor.

If you live in a city like New York or Chicago or your preferred method of transportation is walking or biking, you’ll want some comfort and support form the bag straps.

Look for something with a breathable back pad and adjustable, breathable straps.

Storage Size

This goes without saying. If you don’t carry to much around, you’ll be just fine with a pickleball sling bag.

If you’re an advanced or tournament player, you’re going to want to opt in for a tournament bag that carries everything from a first aid kit to multiple backup paddles.


When reviewing and researching these pickleball bags, the one thing that seemed to give out first were the zippers. It depends on the bag. You coul have 10 of the same bag and maybe the zipper gives away on 3 of them. Regardless it’s worth finding a bag that has sturdy hardware.

Reasons To Buy A Pickleball Bag

There are a few reasons that I recommend getting a pickleball bag.


You can store your balls (get your mind out of the gutter), your paddles, and your shoes all in one place. You’ll never have to worry about showing up to the courts only to realize you left your shoes, at home.

Furthermore, you can keep things in your bag to help you get through the day and play more pickleball.

Some of the essentials I recommend are

  1. sports tape for blisters
  2. extra socks (you never know),
  3. knee or elbow brace if you’re recovering or trying to avoid injury.
  4. Snacks
  5. Extra water bottle.


How many people at the courts have the same paddle, balls, or shoes that you do? A Pickleball bag just keeps things organized.

You no longer need to remember exactly what balls are yours or where your backup paddle is because you know it’s in your bag.


I’m not saying that the people you play pickleball with are thieves, but who’s to say they wouldn’t get confused with who’s phone is who’s and accidentally take yours.

Maybe you always hook your sunglasses on the fence as I do and every so often (once a week) you forget them there.

Guess what? Pickleball bags purposefully have valuables pouches so that DOESN’T happen.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best bag can bring a lot of convenience to your life. You can pack anything you need and keep it in one central place and not worry about it.

In a way it allows you to play longer.

A pickleball bag should be a no-brainer investment for someone serious about the game. It offers protection for your gear and convenience.

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