11six24 Hurache-X Control+ Pickleball Paddle Review 


11six24 Hurache-X Control+ Pickleball Paddle Review 

I know what you are thinking: “That is a MOUTHFUL!” and yes, it is. That is why the company proudly accepts the title of Worst Name in Pickleball, but they also have released an unforgettable paddle, the Hurache-X Control+, again, not the most enticing name, however; their statement of “our paddles will have you remembering us for all the right reasons” rings true.

I was sent the YSF, Hurache Control, and the Hurache-X Control+ (I am going to refer to it as the Hurache-X for simplicity from now on), and was immediately drawn toward the Hurache-X as it is a combination of features I have yet to see in another paddle and it plays incredibly because of it. 

Hurache-X Specs

Hurache-X  Specs

Spin 9.0

Control/Feel 8.5

Power 9

Durability 9.5

  • Paddle Weight: 8.0-8.3oz
  • Length: 16.5″
  • Width: 7.5″
  • Grip Length: 6
  • Grip Circ: 4.125″
  • Surface: CFC (2 layers carbon fiber sandwiching a layer of fiberglass)
  • Core: PP Honeycomb
  • Swingweight: 115 (117 after I added two strips of lead in the bottom corners)
  • Twistweight: 6.4 (6.65 after adding the lead in the bottom two corners)

Other Features

  • Thermoformed
  • Foam-injected edges
  • Unibody

My Personal Thoughts

I had a little difficulty dialing in the pop of this paddle right off the bat. The layer of fiberglass in the surface adds that pop, but also power. I wanted to primarily use it for singles as the longer handle feels wonderful for two-handed backhands and it really whips through the ball.

The more I used it, the more it felt like I was able to dial the paddle in and really place my shots better. Once I felt comfortable with it, and forced myself to be a little more aggressive than usual, it felt like I unlocked an entirely new paddle then I was previously using. Drops and passing shots were dropping like dimes.

Needless to say, I was having a lot of fun with it, to the point that my regular group had to ask me to hold off on driving so much as the points were only lasting 3-5 shots. Thankfully, transitioning over to the soft game only took a few more rallies to dial in.

As stated above, I did add a little bit of weight just to see if this would hurt or improve the feel of the paddle. I would implore you to try this paddle with just over grip modifications to get your desired circumference and nothing else for the first few drill/play sessions.

I would be more than happy playing with this paddle in its stock form, but after adding a little extra weight, the power improved and it felt like the pop slightly lessened which I personally prefer. Along with the power feeling better, the control felt smoother and more forgiving as well. Definitely try this paddle with no additional weight first.

Pickleball Paddle Review


As always, raw carbon fiber surface really grabbed and ripped spin on the ball. Top spin drives would dip right over the net and slices would nearly stop in their tracks. Generating spin with the Hurache-X was effortless and really helps to add finesse to the shots.


While the paddle does have more pop than other 16mm raw carbon fiber paddles, slowing down and hitting those soft dinks, drops, and resets becomes natural after a little drilling.

I will say, if you had never used this paddle and took it to the courts without practicing first, I foresee a lot of dinks left high and drops turning into easy put-aways for your opponents. Highly recommend to take some time to work on drops and resets before hopping into any league nights. But once you get the feel for it, the Hurache-X becomes a real weapon.

Hurache X pickleball paddle in hand on a pickleball court


One word: effortless. One of the biggest pieces of advice that stuck with me when I was learning how to golf, “let the club do the work, just guide it” applies to the Hurache-X. I never felt the need to swing as hard as I could on baseline drives or passing shots, but they still had more than enough pace to get the job done. 

Along with power, the addition of the fiberglass in the face gives some really nice pop off the face. This makes speed ups, counters, and hand battles a ton of fun. A shot I have been developing recently is the backhand flick speedup and with the Hurache-X, the speed off the face of the paddle catches a lot of my opponents off guard.

If they do happen to get their paddle on it, the low swing weight of the paddle aids in resetting your paddle back in front of you to finish it off. But just be careful, too strong of a grip and you will send quite a few balls out of bounds, as I learned through a decent amount of trial and error.


Being a unibody and thermoformed paddle, the durability is top notch. Typically, with fiberglass surfaces, the down side is the grittiness wearing off incredibly fast. Contrarily, because the fiberglass is sandwiched between carbon fiber, the surface grit should remain for a long time, as long as you clean and maintain your paddle correctly.

Final Thoughts: Who Is The Hurache-X Paddle For?

I played a little tennis growing up, but I would not refer to myself as a tennis player. However, friends that made the right choice and are tennis-to-pickleball converts love the extra handle length for a comfortable two-handed backhand.

They all said that aspect alone kept the paddle in their hands and gave me a hard time trying to pry it back out. If you love playing singles and focus on a strong and aggressive net game, this paddle is for you.

Powerful drives from the baseline with great reach coupled with low swingeweight to maneuver the paddle around quickly, makes me give this paddle top marks.

If you are a more defensive player though, I would probably stay away from this paddle as it does boast good pop making transition zone resets a little more difficult. However, the low swing weight gives plenty of room to add lead in your preferred configuration to further increase the sweet spot and consistency when making digs to keep the ball in play.

Written by:

Cody Heyer

One day, a friend challenged me to a game of Pickleball. My response “that old person game?!?” He laughed and a couple days later, a few “old people” completely crushed me. The competitive side of me couldn’t take it and since then I’ve been studying, drilling, playing, and thankfully winning. Then my attention went to world of paddles. So many to choose from, so how do I know which one is right for me? The answer was simple: try them all! That’s how my journey began and I don’t see it ending any time soon. Follow along with me as I discover the rapidly evolving world of Pickleball!

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